Ni Amorim/Manuel Gião at the podium in Albacete

Ni Amorim and Manuel Gião had a nice weekend in Albacete, ending the two races in fifth and third place. This result meant that they are in good shape to continuing fighting for the title in the Spanish GT Championship.

“It was a very good weekend. We had a good car and we have done a great job. We cannot forget that, for the first race we had a handicap and we started the race from the 14th place on the grid. So, it was a tough race but also an incredible one”, said Ni Amorim.

For the second race, the drivers of the Ferrari had a better position on the grid, the third, the same that they ended the race: “We can not do more. The two drivers in front of us, were very quickly and we do not have any chance to catch them. So we are happy with the result”, he said.

“For me this was the best race I ever had this year. No mistakes and all the time in high speed”, concluded Ni Amorim.



The best possible result in the home races 

The drivers of the Ferrari 360 GTC Ni Amorim and Manuel Gião ended their home races in Estoril in the second position, the best result they can expect to achieve.

The first race was very difficult: “I was on the front when one of the other drivers hit me. I lost two positions and then I came back to the second position, There was a lot of oil on the track and it was very difficult not to make a mistake. It was a pity because we were able to win, but this things can happen in this sport”, said Ni Amorim.

For the second race, everything looked more complicated, we were on the 9th position on the grid: “and a penalty of 15 seconds, but fortunately we had a good start and we did a good recovery. Manuel was in a good shape and he were the man of the race. We know that this results will give us an handicap for the forthcoming races, but we are optimists”, concluded the Portuguese driver.



Nice Weekend for Ni Amorim and Manuel Gião

Ni Amorim and Manuel Gião started this weekend in Monza the International GT Cup. They finished the two races in seven and eleventh positions respectively. It was a hard weekend, because it was the first time that the two drivers were at the wheel of Seat Cupra. In any case, they learnt a lot and now have a lot of data to analyze during the tests.

On the first race starting from the 14th position they quickly grew up in the classification even if some unusual problems happened: “it was a difficult race with some stupid problems, but the most important thing is that we can deal with those problems and reach the final and bring home some points”, said Manuel Gião.

For the second race, the position on the grid was the same (14th), but the final result was better (7th): “We felt more confident during this race. We knew a little bit more about the car. We drove on the limits of the Seat and we all know that we have a lot of work to do before the next race. This round was a kind of a shake-down”, continued Ni Amorim.

“Now we go home and we will prepare some tests. We have to analyse all the data from the weekend and start developing the car. Our main goal is to do a better job in the next race in Magny-Cours”, concluded both driver.