FIA GT Championship/Oschersleben

Ni Amorim vows fighting for the very first places

After the last FIA GT Championship race, at Anderstorp, when he was forced to leave the race when fighting for the first five places, Ni Amorim needs a strong result in the next race, this weekend at Oschersleben. Wheeling the Graham Nash Motorsportís Saleen S7R, together with his Portuguese colleagues Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos, Amorim believes thatís possible to do a great job:

ďThe Saleen was fast and reliable, itís true. But thatís impossible to catch the Ferrariís and the Listerís. However, without any problem, I believe that a good result itís possible. May be a place in the first five, who knows?Ē

The race was held next Sunday, 21 September.



FIA GT Championship/Oschersleben

Ni Amorim near the top ten

Ni Amorim (Graham Nash Motorsportís Saleen S7-R, shared with Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos) finishes near the top ten at the FIA GT Championship race held the last weekend at germany track of Oschersleben. But, unhappily, wasnít a good result Ė once more!

ďFirst of all, a very little electric problem, when Iím driving, cost me an extra pit stop. At the time, we are 8th but, after that, any good result was impossible. And, if necessary, the front tires begins to work bad, near the end of my driving turn!Ē

So, with that kind of lucky, Ni Amorim was able to finish the race at 11st position, a race when the Saleen seems very competitive and fastÖ but not reliable again.

The next FIA GT race was at Estoril, between 3 and 5 October.