FIA GT Championship/Brno

Ni Amorim in the top ten

Ni Amorim made a strong finish in the FIA GT Championship at Brno. In retard with a serie of early problems in the race, the portuguese driver - together with is country fellows Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos, sharing the Graham Nash Motorsport's Saleen S7R - drive superbly and, after a hard race, is almost happy with a incredible 8th place:

"Is true! After the start, I realise that a front tyre have a problem. Because that, I stop in the box, when the team change the tyre. Unfortunately, a few laps later, the rear light came off and I came back to the garages."

This two unexpected stops, the Saleen back to the 29th place. Fot that very reason, the final 8th place was a really surprise... and a bit sadness:

"Thats a shame! The car was great and competitive. I believe that, without this stupid problems, all the team was able to fight for the very first places, may be a place on the rostrum."

The next race of Ni Amorim was the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in middle of June (14/15).

Classification: 1st T. Biagi/M. Bobbi (Ferrari 550 Maranello); 2nd J.D. Deletraz/A. Piccini (Lister Storm); 3rd E. Cappellari/F. Gollin (Ferrari 550 Maranello); (...) 8th N. Amorim/P. Chaves/M. Ramos (Saleen S7R).



FIA GT Championship/Enna-Pergusa

Ni Amorim hopes another good result

Ni Amorim will race this week-end the third race of the FIA GT Championship, in the sicilian track of Enna-Pergusa. The driver will share again the Graham Nash Motorsport's Saleen S7R with his coleagues on the team Racing For Portugal, Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos. For Amorim, that will be his first time in Enna-Pergusa:

"I know that was a very hard track, with many chicanes and strong brakages.

That's not the better situation for the Saleen, wich, having a very good chassis, is very powerfull in the large and fast corners."

However, Ni Amorim was confident: "The Saleen was a very good car indeed and, without mechanic troubles, we are able to fight for the very first places in the race, that will be very hard and long. Another problem will be the heat, that could be decisive for the reliability of the engines and brakes."

The race was held next sunday, May 11, and will be broadcasted by Eurosport, in is LG Superacing Week End program