Ni Amorim continues in FIA GT Championship

Magny-Cours is the next race 

Ni Amorim continues this year his international career in the FIA GT Championship. A goal that the portuguese driver believes to be "successful" and when he believes to be able to discuss the leadership in the next races.

In fact, together with two other portuguese drivers, at the Racing for Portugal team, Amorim knows that this team was "very strong. I know very well the others drivers, they are my friends and they are very fast and experienced."

Racing for Portugal was a very interesting and well balanced project. With Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos, Ni Amorim drives a Saleen S7R prepared by the british Graham Nash Motorsport. "That was a very competitive car." - Amorim explains. "I believe that, at Magny-Cours, we are able to discuss the first places, with the Ferrari's and the Viper's. The Saleen was fast and reliable. The principal difference between our car and our rivals car's is on the tyres. But Dunlop made a great work and finnally I think that we have a good set of tyres for the next race."

The race of Magny-Cours is scheduled for April 27, and was broadcasted by EuroSport, next Sunday's morning.



FIA GT Championship/Magny-Cours

Ni Amorim strong fifth 

Ni Amorim was a strong fifth at the second race of the FIA GT Championship, in Magny-Cours, France. Driving the Saleen S7R, together with the other portuguese drivers Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos of the team racing For Portugal, Amorim made the start and the first turn of the race. Always practising the "maximum attack", Amorim quickly moved from the awful 29th position at the sarting grid to a more finest 6th place, when Pedro Chaves takes the wheel. Unfortunately, the team lost one lap and three places with an extra pit stop but, until the end, they could manage to secure a strong fith position:

"The only problem as the extra pit stop" - explains Ni Amorim. "Without this, I'm sure that a place on the rostrum was possible. The car was very quick, very reliable and the tyres work pretty well. In fact, all the team made a good job and I'm very happy because the car is very competitive and, so, we can fight for the first places, in the next races."

Classification: 1st Thomas Biagi/Matteo Bobbi (Ferrari 550 Maranello), 104 laps in 3h01m44,710s; 2nd Luca Cappellari/Fabrizio Gollin (Ferrari 550 Maranello), at 1,384s; 3rd Jean-Denis Deletraz/Andrea Piccini (Lister Storm), at 25,766s; 4th B. Roos/Magnus Wallinder (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), at 3 laps; 5th Ni Amorim/Pedro Chaves/Miguel Ramos (Saleen S7R), at 3 laps.