Interview to Ni Amorim

Question: In 2001, for the first time in your career, you have the possibility for driving at 24 hours of Le Mans, wheeling an official car and, must of all, a "sport prototype". For you, what means that chance?

Answer: That's a great, fantastic experience! Almost a dream bringing true, a perfect reality. But the conditions of the track where incredibles, raining every time and that makes my job not easy. For me, that's a new car and a great responsability. So, make a mistake was quiet easy... and "forbidden". I hope that in the near future another opportunity like that came to me.

Q: Why did you left driving in Portugal and what you feels, today, as an profissional driver, respected all over the World, since America to Japan?

A: I left to compete in Portugal because I have a long career here, winning everywhere, in all kinds of cars, in all portuguese circuits and hillclimbs. I win four National Championships, more than 50 races, so I think was time to accept new challenges. Today, I feel that's a good choise, because happily I could manage to obtain good results, very importants for my international career. I drive in almost all the most famous races in all the World, like 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and Road Atlanta - and in all of them, I make good results, sometimes even winning.

Q: What you regret never doing until now in a twenty years old career as a well successful driver?

A: For the moment, nothing at all! Maybe a day, when I decide to stop driving, and make a look back all my career. But I regret never won a international championship, until now.

Q: Driving at Estoril is a very good thing for a portuguese driver like you, with a storng international experience. Did you believe that it's possible to drive at the next FIA GT's race, in October? And, just in case, with a very good team or with any team, simply for runing at home?

A: I love to drive in Portugal. Nevertheless, that´s more difficult for me, because I have all my friends, all my sponsors and all the portuguese media ask for my atention. But it was always important for a profissional driver, have a race in his country. They are such a thrilling moments! For the next October's race, I hope to have a good team, in GTS or GT categories. But it's too soon to know what happens until that race. Obviously, I have to do everything is possible for that. And, at the moment, I have contacts with some teams.



FIA GT Championship begins at Magny-Cours

First win for Ni Amorim and the Freisinger's Porsche

Ni Amorim wins the first FIA GT Championship race, last week at Magny-Cours. Wheeling the Freisinger's Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-R, together with the french Stephane Ortelli, Amorim runs a very tough race, from the beginning:

"The JMB Racing's Ferrari was very, very strong and, always during my driving turn, I fight very hard with Christian Pescatori. Is a strong battle, indeed, but near the end of the race, consumption problems in the Ferrari means they have to manage to go slowly until the last lap. So, that means for us our first victory in the N-GT category – both for me and Ortelli as team mates, and for the Freisinger Motorsport.”

The next FIA GT Championship race runs at Silverstone, 5th May.