Spanish GT Championship/Jarama

Amorim shines with Meycom’s Marcos

Ni Amorim returns to the Spanish GT Championship with the team Meycom and at the wheel of a Marcos. Without any experience from the car and the team, Amorim simply shines during all the week and. “Pole position” and brand new record of the track, for the first race, second place for the second, in both the Portuguese and the Spanish driver Tomas Saldaña did a very good job.

Second classified at the end of the first race, a puncture early in the second means a abandon when they runs in third position.

Classification: 1st Race – 1st Jesus Villaroel/Victor Fernandez (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), 27 laps, 45m09,066s; 2nd Ni Amorim/Tomas Saldana (Marcos LM600), 45.09.415; 3rd Dominique Dupuy/Miguel Barbany (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), 46.01.239

2nd Race – 1st Nicolas Dalli (Porsche 911 GT2), 35 laps, 58m53,889s; 2nd J. Villaroel/V. Fernandez (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), 59.05.905; 3rd Pedro Chaves/Miguel Ramos (Saleen S7R), 59.19.617.




FIA GT Championship begins at Magny-Cours

First win for Ni Amorim and the Freisinger's Porsche

Ni Amorim wins the first FIA GT Championship race, last week at Magny-Cours. Wheeling the Freisinger's Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-R, together with the french Stephane Ortelli, Amorim runs a very tough race, from the beginning:

"The JMB Racing's Ferrari was very, very strong and, always during my driving turn, I fight very hard with Christian Pescatori. Is a strong battle, indeed, but near the end of the race, consumption problems in the Ferrari means they have to manage to go slowly until the last lap. So, that means for us our first victory in the N-GT category – both for me and Ortelli as team mates, and for the Freisinger Motorsport.”

The next FIA GT Championship race runs at Silverstone, 5th May.