Le Mans Endurance Series test in Dijon

Ni Amorim optimistic about rest of the year, after tests in France

After completing three of the six tests which make up the 2005 season, two on the LMES and the Le Mans 24 Hours, this week Ni Amorim was on the French circuit at Dijon trying out the Noel del Bello Team’s Courage-Renault in order to improve its reliability as well as its performances, mainly its increased power and lower fuel consumption. 

“This test went very well. We did 400 kilometres without a hitch and now the engine will have over 1,000 kilometres on the test bed. If everything goes as we hope we will have the necessary level of reliability for the rest of the season. Besides this, we managed to cut one second off our time in Dijon three months ago, which is very good on such a small circuit,” Ni Amorim began by saying.



Le Mans Endurance Series in Silverstone

Ni Amorim out of luck

Today the Silverstone circuit was the stage for another day of the Le Mans Endurance Series Championship. The British race was over 1,000 kilometres which did not go well for the Portuguese Ni Amorim, who after fourth place in the training sessions of the LMP2 drivers, was in the same position and seventh in the general when he was forced to pull out.

“The training went well, there were seven teams all within one second of each other, which promised a very lively race. However, in the race itself we were not so lucky, the engine gave out on the 15th lap, when we were in seventh in the general and fourth in the LMP2,” said Ni Amorim.

Now they have a lot to think about for the next round of the championship, which takes place on the first weekend in September, in Nurburgring. “We have already had a meeting with Mechacrome and they too can’t explain why an engine which went through the training and 15 laps of the race would give way. They promised to work like “crazy” for the next race and they will book a series of tests on Monday,” the Portuguese driver concluded.



Le Mans Endurance Series – Nurburgring’s 1000 Kms

Ni Amorim gets points

Once again Ni Amorim was out of luck in the penultimate race of the Le Mans Endurance Series. Although he only started off from the 11th position of the LMP2 category on Nurburgring’s 1,000 kilometres, at the end of the first section Noel del Bello team’s Courage-Mecachrome was already in seventh place in the general and second in its class. But just when the Portuguese driver was getting ready to get out on the track, a problem with the alternator and then with the starter engine forced him to stay in the box for another 20 minutes, which meant that Ni Amorim ended up only in eight position in the LMP2.

“It was a shame we had the problem that we had, as without this setback we would have certainly ended up on the podium and we might have been in with a chance of winning. The car was excellent in terms of tuning of the tyres and the engine, which shows the progress made in these areas, but a problem with the starter motor cost us a podium place,” stated Ni Amorim.



Le Mans Endurance Series – Istanbul 1000 Kms

Ni Amorim will not race

Ni Amorim, will not race in the Istanbul 1000 Kms which will be held this weekend in Turkey due to reasons  concerning the contract he has with his team. Noel del Bello reserved the right not to take part in the Turkish race, if Ni Amorim was not contesting for the title. Which turned out to be the case.

Although he was sorry not to be in Turkey: “This was our agreement and I had to fulfil it. It is obvious that even though I am not contending for the title, I would like to take part in the race, if only to try to finish the season with a good result”, the driver from Porto explained.