British GT Championship/Thruxton

Ni Amorim almost Champion

Three points - only three points. That's the score who Ni Amorim needs to be the winner of the British GT Championship, in the GTC class. In fact, after the double journey of Thruxton, the DRM Racing's driver is almost the 2004's British Champion. Third and second at Thruxton, "a very difficult and fast track", Amorim, together with Adam Wilcox, may celebrate is title early in October, after the journey of Brands Hatch:

"I hope so! In the beginning, the Ferrari seems very slow but now, with the new aerodynamic package, was fastest and much more competitive. Indeed, Thruxton was an ideal track for the Ferrari, with many straight lines and fast bends."

After the Thruxton races, Ni Amorim leads the driver's ranking, with an advantage of 17 points, and a sixth place is enough to be crowned Champion.

Classification: 1st race - 1st Beighton/Finnemore (Marcos Mantis); 2nd Mason/Short (Noble M12 GTO3R); 3rd Amorim/Wilcox (Ferrari F360 Modena). 2nd race - 1st Beighton/Finnemore (Marcos Mantis); 2nd Amorim/Wilcox (Ferrari F360 Modena); 3rd Chambers/Caine (Porsche GT3).



British GT Championship/Silverstone

Ni Amorim leads again!

Ni Amorim was the new leader of the GTC class, in the British GT Championship, after the double race of Silverstone, last weekend. The DRM Racing's driver won the first race and finishes the second in a strong third place. Due to that, now he was in the leadership, nine points ahead from is main rivals: "The car was much better, faster and reliable. We are now confident about our possibilities, in the title's fight."

Ni Amorim, together with Adam Wilcox, drives a Ferrari F360 Modena in the GTC class and that was is first victory in the championship.

Classification: 1st race - 1st Amorim/Wilcox (Ferrari); 2nd Sharp/Lesniewski (Porsche); 3rd Attard/Adams (Ferrari). 2nd race - 1st Attard/Adams (Ferrari); 2nd Chambers/Caine (Porsche); 3rd Amorim/Wilcox (Ferrari).