British GT Championship/Castle Combe

Ni Amorim is the new leader

Ni Amorim is the new leader of the British GT Championship (Class Cup category), after the Castle Combe races. In the first of the two races, Amorim drives the Ferrari with a extra-weight of 50 kilos, but even with there the DRM Racing's driver manage to finishes 6th overall in the Class Cup classication: "This track was very difficult, especially for the brakes. But that was a good result, because our rivals finishes behind us."

In the second race, Adam Wilcox, the Amorim's team mate, hand over the Ferrari F360 Modena in the 7th position of the Class Cup and Amorim made a very good job, recovering three places, before the race was suspended due to the rain:

"For us, that was a very, very good result. We failed the podium, but our rivals didn't finish the race. So, after that, we are in the leadership of the Class Cup category."

Classification (Class Cup): 1st Race - 1st Kershaw/Whight (Lotus); 2nd Beighton/Finnemore (Marcos); 3rd Eagling/Croydon (Vauxhall); (...) 6th Wilcox/Amorim (Ferrari). 2nd Race - 1st Kershaw/Whight (Lotus); 2nd Beighton/Finnemore (Marcos); 3rd Hingley/Sharpe (Porsche); 4th Wilcox/Amorim (Ferrari).



British GT Championship/Snetterton

Double podium for Ni Amorim

The British GT Championship held a double journey this weekend at Snetterton. Running at the wheel of the DRM Racing's Ferrari F360 Modena, shared with Adam Wilcox, Ni Amorim finishes both races in 3rd position.

"This is not easy." - Amorim explains. "We have 40 kilos of extra weight, making our Ferrari slowest than the other cars. And, making the things worst, in the first race my Ferrari remains without breaks assistance when travelling at 160 mph, leaving the track. Fortunately, I can finish the race in third position."

The same position, in fact, achieved in the sunday's race. A double podium who makes possible the second place in the Class Cup ranking, in the Championship.

Thursday, Ni Amorim will be at Castle Combe, place for a very important test with the DRM's Ferrari. The British GT Championship continues exactly with another double race, at Castle Combe, the next 17 and 18 of July.